What is ‘YOUR’ shining symbol of aspiration and achievement?

Amita Kuvalekar
4 min readFeb 28, 2021


Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

Have you ever visited Burj Khalifa, in Dubai? If you are a travel lover, you might have been there, already!

Burj Khalifa, is the tallest building in the world with 828 meters height! Stunning, massive! Isn’t it?

Well, when you travel around the world, you come across many stunning and breath-taking places, structures, wonders, people, cultures and so on… Only if you have the willingness to behold and believe and get touched by its majesty!

Dubai’s pride!

This statement grabs your eyes, as you enter the majestic structure. Indeed its a symbol of Dubai’s pride and what they aspire for. And this symbol is loud enough, shining enough, for the whole world, to understand what Dubai is made up of!

This statement made me think about myself. As a human being, I and you are also made up of something. We are also headed towards something. But what is that something?

What is ‘YOUR’ symbol of aspiration and pride? The symbol that represents ‘YOU’ and what you can achieve.

It isn't necessary that the whole world is aware of that symbol. It is even fine if the people around you — your friends, family members, spouse — are also not aware of that symbol. But it is essential that ‘YOU’ are aware of that symbol. And not just aware, but are proud of it.

Does it truly represent your uniqueness, or are you just following the herd to build that symbol? Is it aligned deeply to your core values?

Its not necessary that you have already built and completed your symbol of aspiration and achievement. Maybe you have already built one, and now started working on the second breath-taking structure. Maybe you are currently working on it, constructing it. Or maybe you are working on its foundation. Or maybe you are working to collect its ingredients. Or maybe you just have its blueprint. Or maybe you are somewhere midway — where the structure that you built till date — seems very fragile and no option to progress ahead.

These are all signs that you aware of your aspirations and achievements. You know where you are heading towards. And it is essential to know that. To know yourself, your uniqueness, what you can achieve and what you want to achieve. If you are aware of what you want to build, you can definitely take steps towards that magnificent structure and most likely, you will also make good choices!

So if you haven't thought about this symbol, ponder on it. What is it that you want to construct yourself, that will make you proud of yourself? Are you aware of yourself? Your capabilities? Your limits or limitlessness?

What is it inside you, that makes you proud of yourself, love yourself? Are you aware of your highs, lows, depths and all sorts of boundaries? Are there even any boundaries, at first place?

Are you working on that construction? Or just giving in, because it seems all fragile, midway? What is the value of that construction, in your life?

This massive structure, need not be materialistic. Maybe you want to advance spiritually, maybe you want to get to that world-class fitness level, maybe you want to be unselfish and contribute for the wellness of the world, maybe you want to clean the ocean, or maybe you want to become a better version of yourself, maybe you want to write that great book or maybe you want to add happiness to someone’s life! It is essential to figure out what is that structure.

And it need not be a single structure. You can work on multiple structures. Once you go inside Burj Khalifa, you will also find a blueprint of their next aspiration — the tallest structure of 1000 meters, that they are currently working on! Once you reach the top of one mountain, you have several more mountain tops challenging and calling you!

Photo by Clique Images on Unsplash

Once you have finalized the blueprint of your structure, you need to make the choices that are aligned with that blueprint. Ultimately, your choices will decide the quality of your structure or in fact whether you can really reach to that greatness. Every choice is the contribution to that massive structure.

So, what was your contribution, last month, last week, yesterday and today? What is it going to be tomorrow? Do they contribute to your structure?

Is it the web series that you watched past week, or few pages of the great book that you read? Is it the number of new restaurants that you visited this month or the number of healthy food choices that you made? Is it the number of times that you snoozed your alarm in the morning or the number of mornings that you woke up with the spirit and enthusiasm to work on your structure? Is it the number of hours that you spent doing nothing or the number of walks, jogs that you opted for?

The great choices will lead to the great contributions, step by step, day by day! And they will lead to the massive structures, eventually!

So discover your aspiration, decide your shining symbol and start working on it! The universe is awaiting to get astonished by your work, your craft and your greatest contributions!

And, do not forget to add ‘Burj Khalifa’ to your travel bucket list! You will definitely fall in love with it! :)



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